SmartChain Academy

S&OP Bootcamp


An interactive bootcamp led by industry experts across 5 engaging sessions, designed to enhance your S&OP Process and Integrated Business Planning skills. By emphasizing practical simulations, this course equips you with the best tools to transform your S&OP process into an efficient decision-making powerhouse, for more profitable outcomes.

Inventory Optimization and Cost Reduction


Elevate your inventory management skills in complex business environments. Explore up-to date inventory optimization models, tools and KPIs, leading to design effective inventory planning processes. Discover how to achieve optimal service levels while reducing costs through the effective management of safety stock using smart segmentations and structured work processes.

Demand Planning


Dive into the professional world of demand planning and forecast optimization, merging theoretical knowledge with practical insights. The course focuses on valuable KPIs, smart segmentations, statistical models and many more tools that will help you upgrade and structure your demand planning process, improve your forecasting results and ensure continuous improvement.

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