Unlock The Intelligence of Your Supply Chain

Our Mission

Take the S&OP process to the next level by breaking the traditional silo-structured business planning into an intuitive, transparent and integrated best practice S&OP process empowered by AI & ML capabilities.

Our Solution

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Continuous Improvement

Our 5 accelerator pillars which will take your
S&OP process to the next level

Planning Agent

A digital twin assigned to work alongside each of your business functions


Benchmarks platform measures your KPIs compared to your competitors

Learning Application

Digital learning environment designed to boost your knowledge and skills

S&OP Maturity Level

Evolutionary Program that establishes your level of capabilities for sustainable continuous improvement

Risk Management Tool

A dedicated platform to identify, asses and control potential risks to your supply chain

How we do it

Our team is highly experienced in taking companies hand-in-hand implementing S&OP process and technology. we embed AI and ML capabilities into the up-to-date best practice S&OP process, using smart segmentations, drill down workflow capabilities, Advanced business simulations and structured S&OP meeting templates. Furthermore, our experience has taught us that technology is not enough… S&OP is all about people driving processes. Therefore, we have developed a unique S&OP learning program designed to enhance your human resource skills and capabilities which are all embedded on the same platform.  This solution is wrapped-up in state-of-the-art user interface, advanced visualization and an exceptional user experience.

Why Intelichain?