S&OP / IBP: 5 Trends in Beverage Industry

In today’s supply chain, where consumers taste is rapidly changing, product life spans are getting shorter and shorter, omni-channel sales have caused companies a serious disruption in demand volatility, managing your entire portfolio has become crucial, especially the long tail inventory.

Happy to share interesting findings from our recent research on the beverages industry.
Our research team analysed over 3,300 Beverages companies in North America and over 2,300 companies in EMEA. Our research focused on S&OP, examining dedicated technology, processes, and organizational focus. Furthermore, we conducted a comparative analysis between the European and North American markets, uncovering valuable insights.

The key takeaway: S&OP adoption continues to grow, as companies face ongoing challenges in the supply chain domain. Companies are now placing greater emphasis on structured planning systems, evident from the increased focus and allocation of specific titles within their organizations.