Your Practical Guide to Integrated Business Planning Online Course

About the S&OP Bootcamp Course

The S&OP Bootcamp is an interactive program designed to quickly take your S&OP and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) skills to the next level. Our transformative learning experience goes beyond the basics, equipping you with an effective practical knowledge and competencies needed to execute this process. Led by industry experts, this course consists of 5 engaging online sessions where you’ll dive deep into the S&OP process, gain a comprehensive understanding of how S&OP enables focus, alignment, and synchronization across all functions of an organization.

Who would benefit from this course?

Anyone looking improve their S&OP Process, including CEOs, COOs, VP Supply chain, Supply Chain Planning Leaders, S&OP Professionals, Finance Managers/ FP&A, Sales and Marketing/ Product Executives, Demand Planners, Inventory Analysts, Supply Planers, Material & Procurement Managers, Operations Managers, and other related roles.

Next Courses: March 2024, May 2024, July 2024

5 Sessions – Every Tuesday from 09:00AM to 12:00PM EST 

The course will be instructed in English

Attendance Requirement: To successfully complete the course and receive the certificate, attendance of at least 4 out of the 5 sessions is mandatory.

What you will get from us?

  • The course training materials are included and will be given by the end of the course.
  • We also provide a 2 hour valuable consultation upon request with one of our experts, free of charge 

Cost of Attendance

  • The overall price per participant for the 5 online sessions is $1,990  . 
  • Full payment must be made before the scheduled date of the course (Session #1). Failure to submit payment before Session #1 will result in the cancellation of your registration. 
  • Price does not include VAT ** Additional Benefits  
  • In case of 3 participants or more from your organization 15% discount will be given per participant. On-site training is also available. Reach out for further inquiry.

Experience the 8 Game-Changing Components of Our Course!

Best-Practice Theory

Effective training material covering the entire process

S&OP Meeting Templates

Dedicated meeting templates for each of the 5 S&OP review meetings

S&OP Analytics

Strong analytics that will help you focus on business value

Actual Use-Cases

Industry real use-cases (good examples and bad ones)

Guest Lectures

S&OP leaders from the industry who will share powerful insights

Knowledge Sharing

There will be open discussion sessions so participants will share knowledge and experiences

Simulation (Role Play)

Engage in interactive simulations and role-plays that simulate real-life S&OP scenarios


Assess your understanding of the course material through interactive Kahoot sessions

Course Syllabus

Session 1
Introduction to S&OP process & Step1: “Portfolio Planning” ​ deep-dive​

• Introduction to S&OP process​
• S&OP best practices​
• S&OP use cases & benefits​
• Portfolio planning foundations​
• Assortment Review​
• NPI & EOL management​
• Promotions & Events​
• Portfolio meeting simulation using best practice templates​
• Kahoot session (Fun quiz) wrap-up

Session 2
S&OP Step 2: ​ “Demand Planning” deep-dive​

• Demand planning foundations​
• Demand Segmentations​
• Forecasting KPIs​
• Consensus demand forecast (practical approach for unbiased consensus)​
• Demand planning process​
• Demand meeting simulation using best practice templates​
• Kahoot session (Fun quiz) wrap-up

Session 3
S&OP Step 3:​ “Supply Planning” deep-dive​

• Supply planning foundations​​
• Inventory Optimization​​
• Supply planning 5 leading strategies​​
• Master Planning (how to build a feasible production plan)​​
• Supply KPIs​​
• Supply planning process​​
• Supply meeting simulation using best practice templates​​
• Kahoot session (Fun quiz) wrap-up​​

Session 4
S&OP Step 4&5:​ “Pre & Executive S&OP” deep-dive​

• How to dollarize product units to financial units​​
• Scenarios planning (Demand & Supply imbalances to be mitigated)​​
• KPIs Root-cause analysis​​
• Risks & Opportunities mapping​​
• Data-driven decision-making & Effective data visualization​​
• Pre-S&OP meeting simulation using best practice templates​​
• Kahoot session (Fun quiz) wrap-up​

Session 5
Guest Lectures, Participants Use-cases & a course Wrap-up

• An exercise using a case-study with real data where participants and instructor will execute a demand plan based on the E2E knowledge they acquihired​​
• S&OP panel experts involving guest speakers discussing key challenges, success stories & failures in their S&OP Journey​​
• Participants sharing real life case studies​

Discover the Lasting Benefits That Await You Beyond the Course​


Gain Expertise and acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills to become a proficient S&OP professional, mastering the complexities and challenges of integrated business planning process


Streamlined your S&OP Processes by using effective S&OP meeting templates and techniques that streamline workflows, enabling you to drive efficiency and productivity


Enhanced decision-making capabilities by developing the ability to make informed decisions at each stage of the S&OP process, ensuring effective business alignment


Establish a culture of continuous improvement by implementing best practices, measuring  planning KPIs, and focus on activities that drive optimized planning processes


Career Advancement: Elevate your professional profile and unlock new career opportunities by becoming a “sought-after” S&OP expert, equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive supply chain excellence

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