Portfolio Planning In S&OP Process

(09:00 – 17:00)

Introduction to the role of Portfolio Planning in S&OP process
What are the topics that needs to be discussed within the S&OP Portfolio Review and their deliverables
New Product Forecasting (NPI)
What are the different types of NPI and how to forecast new product where there is no history available
Product segmentation
How to generate smart segmentations in order to understand how to optimize profit in our company
End Of Life (EOL) management
What are the key reasons we discontinue a product and how to determine what should be discontinued
Product Assortment and SKU Rationalization
Tools and techniques to rationalize the SKUs in your company, top down and bottom-up
Trade-Promotion Optimization (Promo management)
How to plan and embed promotional activities using a data-driven process by which brands can minimize spend while increasing ROI on their trade promotions
A brief summary and key takeaways

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