People Dynamics & Soft Skills in the S&OP Process

During our recent round table discussion on ‘People Dynamics & Soft Skills in the S&OP Process,’ we explored fundamental keys to success in S&OP, with a keen focus on the often underestimated yet critical domain of soft skills.

Roni Elefant, Head of Global S&OP at Netafim, emphasized the importance of ownership in the S&OP process, stressing the need for well-defined responsibilities and authorities across departments, managers, and employees to ensure full engagement and commitment.

Asaf Kotzer, VP of Global S&OP at Avgol Nonwovens, discussed the necessity of creating inner motivation among employees, highlighting the role of recognition in fostering collaboration and overcoming resistance to change.

Yair Gibori, Global Planning Director and S&OP Leader at Hazera Seeds,  addressed the vital aspect of standardization in S&OP, emphasizing its role in bridging cultural, personal, and organizational gaps. Standardization, through shared terminology, protocols, and clear expectations, is key to neutralizing differences and embedding successful S&OP processes, especially in global multi-national organizations.

These insights from industry leaders offer actionable strategies for motivating teams, navigating challenges, and driving excellence in supply chain operations, providing a valuable opportunity to tap into the knowledge shaping the future of S&OP.

Roni Elefant

Head of Global S&OP, Netafim

Asaf Kotzer

VP, Head of Global S&OP, Avgol

Yair Gibori

Global Planning Director, Hazera