Supply Chain Consulting Service

Our Methodology

'As-is' analysis
We map out the current state by looking at your people, processes, data and technology and industry benchmark
Maturity & gaps valuation
We will score each supply chain pillar using our best-practice proprietary maturity model and evaluate opportunities and present insights
'To be' model design
According to the gaps, opportunities and the industry best-practice, we will build a custom-made operating model which will enhance your capabilities across people, processes and technology
Implementation roadmap
We will map out for you a detailed implementation roadmap with a clear timeline, implications, and transformation phases

Supply Chain Consulting Services

Global S&OP / IBP Process

Implementing work processes, S&OP weekly work cadence with structured Review-meeting templates and clear roles & responsibilities, organizational integration to improve your S&OP process effectiveness

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Global Supply Chain Assessment & Roadmap Design

Quantitative and qualitative analysis to classify the strengths, weaknesses, risks & opportunities of your supply chain and propose a roadmap for improvement 

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Demand Planning Best practice

The art & science of minimizing forecast error by consolidating cross-functional demand stream into an agreed “one number”, known as a consensus demand plan

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Global Production Planning

Improve your production planning by prioritizing the right products to support the organization’s strategy and goals under operational constraints 

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Inventory optimization & control

Use the power of data and smart segmentation to design the optimal inventory to meet your target service levels while tying up a minimum amount of capital in inventory

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Custom-made AI & ML driven solutions

Apply new methods and theories to boost your supply chain performance by designing tailor-made solutions with embedded AI & ML capabilities

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